Private Family Program


Private Family Program

A Real Way Forward

Our intensive private family program is created for families who want one on one help that is specifically designed to heal the family unit. Our full range of services are tailored to the unique dynamic that exists within each family that has a loved one suffering from addiction. Help is here.

We all know about the chaos that ensues when someone we care about isn’t rational.

What we often don’t know is how we solve the problem at hand. Taking part over the course of a couple of days, at your convenience and wherever you are located, families are asked to put everything on the table and engage in honest discussion and compromise. Pacific Interventions will bring you together and find the vital common ground that paves the way forward.

Everyone in the family wants the same thing. We’ll show you how to make it happen.

We'll come to you

Wherever your family is located, our instructor can come and visit you.

Custom Program

We know our evidence-based approach works. You’ll see results if you buy-in.

Fantastic Value

How does finally getting it right sound? You don’t have to go around in circles any longer.


Created to address the often-overlooked needs of families dealing with addiction, our intensive program goes beneath the surface to find practical solutions that everyone can get behind. Your problems are complicated, which makes everyone coming together that much more important.

It’s time for a united front; compromise and honest dialogue are the only way forward.

Based on a CRAFT Model (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) overview, we use a non-confrontational, proven curriculum designed to repair tension and rebuild relationships. We learn about the consequences of our own actions and as a result get to a point where we can set boundaries, forgive past resentments and strive towards a viable path forward.

Jeffery Norell - Interventionist, Addiction Specialist, C.C.A.C.
Jeffery Norell

As a man who has overcome his own demons and dedicated his life to helping others, the Founder & CEO of Pacific Interventions puts everything he has towards delivering results for your family. A modern-day addiction specialist, Jeff integrates the best industry practices, a lengthy counselling career and his personal experience. You’re in great hands.

The Basics

Our entire course is based around the premise that by coming together, your family will not only be best positioned to help your afflicted loved one, but also able to lead happier lives. Addiction is a family disease, therefore it takes the entire family to manage the problem. Over 2 days, we’ll diagnose the pressure points, reach a consensus about what we’re all willing to do, and finally implement our solutions. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Of course.

What You'll Get
  • Reunited Family & Unified Approach
  • Guidance & Direction
  • Phone & Video Support Going Forward
  • Home Visits
  • Complete Understanding of Addiction & Triggers
  • Communication Strategies
  • Closer Relationships
  • Stability & Safety
  • Healthy Lifestyle Balance for Everyone
  • Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries
  • Red Flag Identification

Nothing we had done up until this program had worked, I think we needed someone that would cut to the chase, explain our predicament, and rally everyone behind our common cause. Jeff listened to us, but he was willing to tell us the truth, regardless of how hard it was to hear. Finally, our family can work together because we understand that we can be part of the solution.

G. Sanchez


If you have an emergency, contact your local hospital or dial 911 immediately